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Interior and Arch. Design


Interior Design is the creation and organisation of interior spaces to perform a specific function within an architectural environment.

Develops basic skills in creating and organising interior spaces by inlinking the knowledge of basic design , history of architecture, building materials and designing softwares like Autocad & Revit.





  • Drawing/Art
  • Basic Furniture Design
  • Components of Building
  • History of Architecture
  • BuildingMaterials
  • Drafting
  • SurveyProject (b.b.c)
  • Graphic Presentation
  • Basic Design
  • Auto Cad
  • Revit
  • 3D's Max
  • Photoshop


  • Course duration:1 year
  • Study level: Diploma

Interior and Arch. Design

Master Diploma in Interior & Architecture Design

Course Overview

Interior Architecture and Design is a strong growing field in our modern world. It has become a part of the extensive boom within the construction industry. The demand for Interior designers is growing day by day where they are called upon for making renovations, curating alterations and designing new constructions. People with an innate creative design and an eye for detailing can quickly develop and fine-tune themselves with technical proficiency for the aesthetic appeal of user functionality to thrive and grow in this field.

People have started to recognize interior designers as qualified professionals for design spaces to user needs, like residential homes and apartments sometimes even public areas inclusive of entertainment spaces. Designers also are innovating creators who design Interior commercial spaces like Retail, Corporate or Professional offices, Hospitals, Facilities, Healthcare centers, Institutions, Restoration and Adaptive Reuse.

Course Objective

Master Diploma is a flexible course trains students in varied aspects of design focused on interior spaces and provide adequate knowledge of the industry to improve the candidate on a holistic level for them to perform equivalent to their graduate peers in the field. Instill two-dimensional technical drawings and presentation required to communicate to a client with the three-dimensional visual model of the space as per the design envisioned.

Course Curriculum

The course covers all the fundamental principles of interior design and the various areas of specializations. Incorporating human behavior and psychology, along with the environmental sciences and technology makes this course comprehensive to the art of designing spaces. The learning is supported by manual creative work, with detailed project work on software’s which are aided by lectures and seminars from leading practitioners of the field of Interior design and Architecture.

The modules cover all the basic and advanced topics related to Interior designing which also enables students to master the latest software tools as per the need of the current Interior Industry. The module includes comprehensive reference guides for both theory and software tools which helps the student with information and technical detail which are useful for the professional field as well.

First-year Syllabus

Second Year Syllabus

Design Foundation

Sketch-up and V-RAY

Workshop II – Design Thinking

Product Design Material Sourcing

Communication Design I – Writing in Design Drafting


Interior Services Space Design Residence Project

Estimation and Costing

Lighting Design

Communication Design II – Graphic Design

Business of Interior Design

Add-on Vocational Classes Landscape Design

Specialisation (any 2)


JD Annual Design Awards


  • Course duration:2 year
  • Study level:Advanced Diploma

Interior and Arch. Design

BSC Interior & Architecture Design

BSc Interior Design is a 3 year undergraduate course where students learn to design comfortable spaces and deal with the planning and designing of the interiors of commercial or personal buildings, apartments or houses.

B.Sc (Interior Design) Semester-I 

Subjects of Study, Design sources and Materials I, English: Prose and Usages, Environmental Psychology and Human Factors, Fundamentals of Interior Graphics I, Interior Architecture Foundation Studio, Management Skills

B.Sc (Interior Design) Semester-II

Art and Architecture History I, Design Sources and Materials II, Furniture Design I, Fundamentals of Interior Graphics II, Introduction to CAD, Interior Design Studio I

B.Sc (Interior Design) Semester-III

Art and Architecture History II, English Composition & Business, Correspondence, Furniture Design II, Interior Construction I, Interior Design Studio II

B.Sc (Interior Design) Semester-IV

Concept of Structures,Computer-Aided Design II, Interior Construction II, Interior Service Systems, Interior Design Studio III, Lighting Technology & Applications

B.Sc (Interior Design) Semester-V

Computer-Aided Design III, Estimating and Budgeting, Interior Design Studio IV, Landscape Design, Retail Design

B.Sc (Interior Design) Semester-VI

Interior Design Thesis Project, Management & Entrepreneurship, Development Restaurant & Bar Design, Professional Practice

  • Course duration:3 years
  • Study level: Advanced Course


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